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Volume 25, Issue 2, 2024

Using Sustainability as a Quantitative Approach for Analyzing Contraction Material Strength

Anfal Aakool, Sepanta Naimi

> DOI: https://jeeng.net/issue/view/?id=83

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Reinforced Concrete, FRP, Contraction Material Strength



Sustainable reinforced concrete can be considered as more effective way to conserve the principal materials that been used in the casting of concrete parts. The study examined the procedures of decreasing the concrete mixing materials and the reinforcement with the improving of the internal strength. The impact of various moment strength was investigated on the minimum volumetric part of the concrete beam in which a reduction of the materials amounts (cement, sand, and gravel) were identified to enhance the conservation of the quantities and to figure out the contribution of using alternative materials in the aggregate on the sustainability matter for each unit length of the concrete beam. The study build the analysis by finding the effectively percent of the reinforcement and the width of the beam on the internal strength. The study assumed the ratio of beam width (b)/ effective depth (d) to derive equations that lead to these ratio and based on the ultimate strength moment to identify the minimum volume/m as well as the quantity of each material in the casting system. The study examined the using of the fiber reinforced polymer bars as a way to enhance the strength of the concrete member with less casting materials quantities. The study showed the impact of using various FRP materials like (GFRP, AFRP, and CFRP) by the knowledge of the tensile strength of these materials. The study showed the steel area required and then the reduction factor for the casting materials after using FRP reinforcement.