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Volume 25, Issue 2, 2024

Developing adaptive cost model for complexes construction projects in Iraq

Ayyed Ibrahim Abed, Sepanta Naimi

> DOI: https://jeeng.net/issue/view/?id=85

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entropy method, adaptive concept, complex project, effective factors



The complexity of projects, which is still a young field of study, has a lot of challenges for modern problems that more traditional scientific viewpoints have had difficulty addressing. In addition, as the variety of cost components increases, the complexity of the estimating technique grows, making it more challenging for users who directly perform cost estimation to apply the latest findings of academic research to real-world construction projects. for that, when making decisions on how to achieve a challenging goal in the midst of uncertainty, an adaptive management plan is necessary. The present thesis identifies the effective parameters for adaptive cost estimation, including the influence factors and factors that affect the building cost. then, apply this method with BIM model. The author of this thesis was successful in creating 31 variables for challenging assignments, and then evaluated these elements using the entropy approach. The entropy technique was used to each individual cost component to identify the elements that influence project costs. The results of the entropy method were used to assess the importance of these characteristics.