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Volume 25, Issue 2, 2024

Study The Effect of an Inert Gas Isolating on The Flame Characteristics with A Stabilizer in A Vertical Gas Burner

Mustafa Nabeel, Fouad Alwen Saleh

> DOI: https://jeeng.net/issue/view/?id=93

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LPG; laminar burning velocity; Vertical flames; Flame stability; Schlieren; N2; Flame stabilizers of different angles



Under laboratory conditions (298 K and 1 bar) and using a wide range of air-to-fuel mixing ratios, an experimental combustion test was performed with ILPG. Combustion has been critical to human life since ancient times for practical applications. Accurate data is always required since laminar combustion speed is one of the most critical characteristics of premixed flames. The laminar combustion velocities of an LPG/air flame under atmospheric conditions were calculated using a vertical-diameter burner (with and without N2). In addition, the effects of nitrogen gas separation of the flame from the outside environment were investigated both with and without the use of a flame stabilizer, and in a 12mm cylinder diameter. In addition, Schlieren imaging equipment was ready to measure and investigate (flame stabilization limitations) to obtain comprehensive data by analyzing a Schlieren flame forward image of a 12 mm diameter flame. This experiment obtained results for the valence ratio using different flame stabilizer angles to obtain valence ratios with and without N2