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Volume 25, Issue 2, 2024

Novel method for building construction cost estimation using lean rules

Ahmed Muwafaq Gheni, Sepanta Naimi

> DOI: https://jeeng.net/issue/view/?id=102

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Weighted Product Model, building site position, different costs



cost of building construction based on the lean concept is a design of a construction system that combines the material information with the internal cost alternatives to improve construction productivity and reduce waste. The main challenges in this research are the optimal distance and material handling and movement based on different cost types. The lean solution was to specify the optimal distance used for collecting and storing materials and the centroid will be utilized as a central point to build the inventory of other items such as electrical and plumbing materials. This strategy will eliminate waste during the transportation of materials. The Delphi technique has been employed and the factors have been established and tested using Weighted Product Model (WPM) (WPM). The improvement percentage for total material handling reached 34%. This optimization decreases operating costs, variable costs, inventory costs, and indirect costs, making this position between the three buildings advantageous.