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Volume 25, Issue 2, 2024

Production and Use of Biogas and Biomethane from Waste for Climate Neutrality and Development of Green Economy

Inna Honcharuk, Dina Tokarchuk, Yaroslav Gontaruk, Tetiana Kolomiiets

> DOI: https://jeeng.net/issue/view/?id=84

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biogas, biomethane, waste, “green” economy, energy system, potential



The following article provides an analysis of the current state and potential development of biogas and biomethane production, and their significance in promoting a “green” economy. The main areas of “green” economy focus were identified as the development of alternative energy sources, an effective waste management system with recycling, organic agriculture, improved water resource and ecosystem management, sustainable (“green”) transport, as well as increased energy efficiency in housing and communal sectors. It was shown that the production and use of biogas/ biomethane can contribute to achieving almost all of these goals, while also ensuring climate neutrality. Analysis of European experience in using waste for biogas/biomethane production reveals a steady trend in the development of industry. This growth has become particularly relevant following the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has also impacted the European energy market. The report assessed the Ukraine’s potential for biogas/biomethane production from organic waste of various origins, highlighting its importance in addressing energy supply issues, both in times of peace as well as during the periods of martial law and energy system destruction. Successful biogas production cases in Ukraine were also analyzed, demonstrating that some enterprises are equipped to produce biogas and biomethane. The research findings were used to develop the recommendations for Ukrainian manufacturers on effective biogas production to expedite the transition towards a climate-neutral, “green” economy