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Volume 25, Issue 2, 2024

Value integrated project delivery model using IPV technique

Prween S. Majeed Mahdi, Mervit R. Altaie

> DOI: https://jeeng.net/issue/view/?id=94

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Integrated project delivery, value engineering, IPV technique, project performance



One of the most efficient ways to enhance project performance by managing project cost, time, and quality issues is by integrating value engineering technique (VE)with the integrated project delivery method (IPD). This research aims to determine the relative importance of each criterion that impacts the project's performance and next step is to develop a mathematical model that accounts for these factors. The researcher got to find the common factors between the value engineering technique and the IPD method through a closed questionnaire for experts in the field of value engineering. The weights of the main and subcriteria were found using the IPV technique, which is appropriate for decision-making. The researcher found that the main criterion of (time management t)ook the most significant percentage (22%) of the project's performance, followed by (risk management) at 17.5%, and so on for the rest of the criteria. Through the application of multiple regression, it was observed that there are strong relationships between the performance of the project, which is the dependent variable, and the nine independent variables, and the researcher was able to reach the mathematical model